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My journey Marrakech

Experience the Enchanting City of Marrakech

Book Your Stay in Marrakech

Marrakech, the vibrant and culturally rich city of Morocco, is a must-visit destination for travelers seeking an unforgettable experience. With its exotic charm, historical sites, and warm hospitality, Marrakech has become the number one tourist hotspot in the country. If you’re planning a visit, here’s everything you need to know to make your stay truly remarkable.

Discover the Best Accommodation Options

Marrakech boasts a wide range of hotels and lodging options to suit every preference and budget. With over 1,400 choices available, including 170 hotels, boutique accommodations, and traditional riads (guest houses), the city caters to all your lodging needs. Whether you desire a luxurious experience or a cozy retreat, Marrakech has the perfect place for you.

Explore Event Spaces and Facilities

As the host city of COP22, Marrakech offers a plethora of event spaces, including meeting rooms, seminar halls, and exhibition venues. These spaces are well-equipped to cater to various needs, making Marrakech an ideal destination for conferences, seminars, and exhibitions. The city’s infrastructure and facilities ensure a seamless experience for both organizers and participants.

Plan Your Stay with Ease

To make your stay in Marrakech even more convenient, visit the dedicated hotel reservation platform for COP22 participants at cop22-marrakesh.com. This platform provides a hassle-free way to book your accommodation, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable stay during the event. For additional tourist information, consult the official website at visitmorocco.com.

Secure Your Flight to Marrakech

Marrakech is well-connected by air travel, with direct flights available from major cities in Europe, the Middle East, West Africa, and North America. The city is served by renowned international airlines such as Royal Air Maroc, Air France, Lufthansa, Alitalia, Iberia, British Airways, Emirates, and more. Ensure a seamless travel experience by reserving your flight through the dedicated reservation platform for COP22 participants at cop22-marrakesh.com.

Understanding Visa Requirements

If you’re wondering about visa requirements, here’s what you need to know. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (MAEC) manages entry visas for participants attending events in Morocco. To apply for a visa, the organizing department requires a comprehensive list of participants’ information, including their full name, nationality, passport number, birthdate, and passport expiration date. It is crucial to submit this information along with copies of passports to the concerned department within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation at least seven days before your arrival. The authorities will process your request and provide visa confirmation letters to facilitate your entry into Morocco. For detailed visa procedures and more information, visit consulat.ma/an.

Essential Rules and Recommendations

To ensure a smooth visa application process, consider the following rules and recommendations:

  1. Submit your visa application to the diplomatic mission or consular post in your country of residence.
  2. If you’re not a national of the country where you’re applying, provide proof of legal residence, such as a residence permit.
  3. Prepare the necessary supporting documents, including proof of income, bank statements, hotel bookings, and health insurance, unless you possess official accreditation from the United Nations as a COP22 participant.
  4. Regular passport holders must pay a visa fee in the local currency: 330 DH for a long validity visa and 220 DH for a short validity visa.
  5. Holders of United Nations accreditation for COP22 are exempt from this fee.
  6. Visa processing typically takes 48 hours, although mandatory consultations may extend the period to around 15 days.
  7. Avoid last-minute visa formalities by applying at least two weeks before the event.
  8. Ensure your travel document (passport, in most cases) remains valid for more than 90 days and exceeds the requested period of stay.

For more detailed information and additional guidelines, download the comprehensive document provided.

Discover the COP22 Village Site at Bab Ighli

Located on avenue Mohammed VI, Bab Ighli has been the main entrance to the medina of Marrakech for centuries. This historic area holds great symbolism and has been chosen as the site for COP22. The conference participants will have the opportunity to explore a little city within a city during their stay.

The COP22 site covers an impressive area of 223,647 square meters, offering various spaces to accommodate delegations and participants. The site includes the “Blue Zone,” exclusively available to those with accreditation from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The Blue Zone comprises two plenary halls, 30 conference centers, meeting rooms for negotiators, and dedicated areas for observers. Other functional spaces cater to debates, events, exhibitions, welcoming and security areas, plazas for delegations and officials, UN offices, media and broadcasting rooms, as well as services and catering facilities. The Blue Zone spans 157,000 square meters, with 80,000 square meters of covered space.

A second space within the site is reserved for civil society, covering 10,000 square meters, along with 2,000 square meters for external traffic. This area provides functional spaces equipped with communication networks and necessary equipment for participant stands. Additionally, the “innovation” zone covers 12,000 square meters, creating a dedicated space for innovative solutions and ideas.

Representatives and members from the UN, official delegations, non-state actors, NGOs, private companies, trade unions, the scientific community, farmers, indigenous people, state organizations, institutions, and local authorities from around the world will convene in these spaces for two weeks. The areas also feature exhibits, restaurants, and various common areas for relaxation, discovery, exchange, and dialogue. The COP22 site includes entry plazas for Heads of State (12,500 m²), delegations (11,147 m²), and a parking area (22,000 m²). Postal, banking, and tourism services will be available on-site, along with a fully-equipped communication center offering telephone, fax, and copy capabilities.

Getting Around Marrakech During COP22

A dedicated bus line will serve the Bab Ighli site for COP22 participants, providing convenient transportation options within the village and dedicated lodging areas. Additionally, shuttle services will be available to connect the main tourist areas of the city. To enhance your experience, the organizing committee has planned site visits to notable locations, including the Noor solar power plant in Ouarzazate, the wind park in Essaouira, and the green city of Ben Guerir. These visits will allow participants and journalists to explore beyond the conference venue and witness Morocco’s commitment to sustainable development.

Marrakech offers several transportation options for independent exploration. The city has an extensive bus network with around 30 lines covering various destinations. Small and large taxis are also readily available, and red tourist buses provide guided tours of the historical sections of Marrakech. Licensed vendors offer vehicle and bicycle rentals, and there are dedicated cycling paths leading to the Menara gardens and traversing parts of the palmeraie. For a unique experience, horse-drawn carriages are available throughout the city, with the main stop conveniently located near Jamaa El Fna square.

Distances to Key Locations

To help you plan your itinerary, here are some distances from Bab Ighli, the COP22 village site, to notable locations:

  • Marrakech Airport: 5 km
  • Avenue Mohammed VI: 900 m
  • Jemaa El Fna: 3 km
  • Menara: 8 km
  • Marrakech Train Station: 4 km
  • Hivernage: 3 km
  • Gueliz: 4 km
  • Doukkala: 5 km
  • Royal Palace: 1.7 km
  • Palmeraie: 3.7 km

Here are distances from Marrakech to other cities in Morocco:

  • Casablanca: 245 km
  • Ouarzazate: 176 km
  • Essaouira: 200 km
  • Agadir: 250 km
  • Rabat: 327 km
  • Safi: 156 km
  • Ben Guerir: 77 km

Make the most of your stay in Marrakech during COP22 by exploring the rich cultural heritage, vibrant markets, and breathtaking landscapes that Morocco has to offer. Plan your travel and accommodations in advance to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience.